Waiting for Wednesday

Wednesday Comics #01 cover
Wednesday Comics #01 cover

I’m excited with WEDNESDAY COMICS, first is the kind of superhero project I like and the fanboys hate, a reader friendly project that doesn’t requires a degree in advanced DC Chronology to enjoy,  it’s just good stories by good authors, and then there’s the format, it’s huge. Being used to the metric system I didn’t realize how big 14″ x 20″ was until I saw the picture of Bob Wayne with a mock up. It’s just 4 times the size of a regular comic.

We still have to wait more than one week for the comic to hit the comic shops, but there’s plenty of samples spread out, so I decide to colect them all in one place.

Batman from wednesday comics 01 by azzarelo, Risso e MulvilleThis is the final version of Batman, the color of the preview image that was released when the project was annouced were done at DC’s offices, so it could be sent out quickly for press releases, etc. The final colors by Patricia Mulvihill where done later.

Adam Strange by Paul Pope
ADAM STRANGE, by writer/artist Paul Pope (BATMAN: YEAR 100)

Kamandi by Dave Gibbons & Ryan Sook

KAMANDI, written by Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS) with Art by Ryan Sook (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL)
SUPERMAN written by John Arcudi with Art by Lee Bermejo
SUPERMAN, written by John Arcudi with Art by Lee Bermejo
metamorpho by Neil Gaiman and Michael Alread
METAMORPHO, written by New York Times best-selling writer Neil Gaiman with Art by Eisner Award-winner Michael Allred (Madman)
GREEN LANTERN written by Kurt Busiek with Art by Joe Quiñones
GREEN LANTERN, written by Kurt Busiek (TRINITY, ASTRO CITY) with Art by Joe Quiñones (TEEN TITANS GO!)
Teen Titan written by Eddie Berganza with Art by Sean Galloway
TEEN TITANS, written by Eddie Berganza with Art by Sean Galloway
SUPERGIRL by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
SUPERGIRL, written by Jimmy Palmiotti (JONAH HEX) with Art by Amanda Conner (POWER GIRL)
HAWKMAN, written and illustrated by Kyle Baker (PLASTIC MAN, Special Forces)

SGT. ROCK written by Adam Kubert ilustrated by Joe Kubert
SGT. ROCK, written by Adam Kubert (SUPERMAN: LAST SON), ilustrated by legendary comics artist Joe Kubert
Flash by Karl Kerschl
THE FLASH, written by Karl Kerschl (TEEN TITANS YEAR ONE, THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE) and Brenden Fletcher, illustrated by Karl Kerschl
Pencils of José Luis García-López for Metal Men
METAL MEN, written by Dan DiDio with Art by José Luis García-López, Kevin Nowlan and Patricia Mulvihill
wonder woman preleminary color test by Ben Caldwell
WONDER WOMAN, written and illustrated by Ben Caldwell (Dare Detectives)

This is a VERY rough color guide, for the first page or Wonder Women by Ben Caldwell. this is a strip with 50 panels per page, it’s one of the stories that I’m more interested to see  in print. Caldwell has been posting a lot of preleminary work in his blog and the work is gorgeous.
Partial page of Wonder Woman by Ben Caldwell

From the Wednesday comics there’s still 2 strips of wich I wasn’t able to find some art samples:

  • THE DEMON AND CATWOMAN, written by Walter Simonson (Thor, MANHUNTER) with Art by famed DC cover artist Brian Stelfreeze
  • DEADMAN, written by Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuck, Art by Dave Bullock

WEDNESDAY COMICS will arrive in stores folded twice to 7″ x 10″, with the first issue set to reach stores on July 8. One week…


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