Dark Horse Presents leaves Myspace


This month was the celebration of the 2nd aniversary of the Eisner-winning webcomics anthology “MySpace Dark Horse Presents”, but  due to the problems that Myspace has faced, the antology wasn’t published there, instead  this month it’s available  at Dark Horse e-comics section.

CBR News has confirmed that following a very public round of layoffs that saw over 400 people lose their jobs last month – including every single person associated with comic book content — MySpace.com is presently unable to accommodate Dark Horse’s latest virtual issue of “Dark Horse Presents,” which includes new work from Gilbert Hernandez as well as Joss Whedon & Jo Chen, who debut this week a brand new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” story created exclusively for the online anthology.

Series editor Sierra Hahn doesn’t expected this move to be permanent:

However, Dark Horse hopes the move away from MySpace is only temporary, and that if and when the wounded social networking giant stabilizes, “Dark Horse Presents” will return to the site. “We’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to figure out what our relationship with MySpace would be from here on out and what we wanted to do with the anthology,” Hahn said. “It’s really important to us to keep it alive. Once they have reestablished the roles and we have a secure contact there, we want to continue that relationship and see where it will go.”

But nevertheless:

Should the MySpace arrangement resume, Dark Horse intends to supply the site with this month’s issue of “Dark Horse Presents,” as its particularly enticing contents were designed to celebrate the project’s two-year anniversary. “If that isn’t going to happen, which we should know in the next coupe of weeks, then we will be looking for the next best option of keeping ‘Dark Horse Presents’ alive and online, not necessarily through our site but through something else,” Hahn confirmed.

Buffy by Joss Whedon and Joan ChenWhile DH tries to figure out the future of DHP, this month issue is online with:


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