Whatever happened to the world of tomorrow?

what happened to the world of tomorrow

“As a child of the Space Age, I’ve always had a deep passion for the space program and science in general, and often reflect on what happened to the sense of can-do optimism I remember people having when I was a kid. I wanted to write about that: how the mood of society changed from optimistic and a bit naïve to pessimistic and cynical. I grew up in a time when people thought science and technology could make tomorrow better than today. These days, all the cool people seem to believe the opposite. I wanted to make the argument that even though we don’t have Moon colonies and flying cars–and maybe in our maturity realize we shouldn’t have expected or even sought them–there is still value in believing in and working toward a better future. Sure, we’ve got problems, but people have always had problems. I think there’s at least a decent chance that tomorrow actually could be better than today, and science and technology could still help it along.”

Brian Fies talking with Comic Book Resouces about is new graphic novel: “Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?”. The book is now available from Abrams ComicArts.


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