Starstruck Redux

The last few years have seen a renaissance of reprints, ranging from classic comic strips to runs by legendary creators. And once in a while, an underappreciated gem gets a new chance to shine.

Such is the case of Starstruck, a universe-spanning adventure whose history involves multiple publishers, formats and mediums. Beginning as a stage play, it became a series of stories in Heavy Metal, then a series in Marvel’s Epic imprint, then a continuation at Dark Horse. Now, it’s being reissued in an all-new, updated edition, and even becoming a series of audio adventures, the first of which will serve as a charity reading to help comics legend Gene Colan.

Starstruck Cover

Starstruck will be reissued by IDW Publishing starting in August as a 13-issue limited series. But this is no mere reprinting. In addition to being completely recolored by renowned fantasy artist Lee Moyer, series creators Elaine Lee and Michael William Kaluta have reworked the original material, including reformatting pages, expanding images, and all-new “Galactic Girl Guide” material inked by Charles Vess.

Newsarama interviewed Elaine Lee, Michael William Kaluta and Lee Moyer about the Starstruck saga.  Read the part one, two and three, it’s loaded with previews of the remastered arwork.


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