In the middle of the Wasteland

wastland book  4Wasteland is my regular fix of post-apocaliptic sci-fi epic in komix.

WASTELAND BOOK 04: DOG TRIBE goes on sale today. Collecting issues #21-24, this volume tells the story of how Michael and Abi’s quest for A-Ree-Yass-I is almost stopped before it starts, as they find themselves caught between two rival Dog Tribes fighting for supremacy

At Comic Book Resouces there’s an interview with Johnston and Mitten about the double-sized, full-color 25th issue with lots of previews.

Issue #25 marks the halfway mark of ‘Wasteland’s’ epic story, which is intended to conclude with #50. And while the story will reveal more about the post-apocalyptic world of the series, Johnston said it will not be part of a major arc. “Issue #25 is one of our stand-alone ‘interlude’ issues, so no major turning points as such (unless you count finally discovering why Michael and Sultan Ameer hate each other so much),” the writer told CBR. “It’s called ‘Planet Caravan,’ and it takes place ten years before the main ongoing story, as the Sultan rolls into the city of Waters Meet with Michael in tow. Michael leaves the caravan, but one of the Sultan’s wives has developed a bit of a thing for the ruin runner, and needs his help… and so it all kicks off.

Interior art from Wastland #25


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