The Return of Mr Rogers

SO, the big news “secret” of Captain America #600 and Reborn is the return of  Steve Rogers…

“The original Captain America is finally coming back,” Marvel Comics editor in chief Joe Quesada told the Daily News. “We’ve been patiently planning for this moment for 21/2 years.”

captain america 600

One thing though, the book doesn’t give much away as to why this is expected to be quite such a media event.

Nothing that Brian Hibbs hadn’t predicted anyway, if you want more about this botched markting manuvre in Indignant.

All the secrecy about Reborn was due to the upcoming media coverage, but the NY Daily News only talks about the Reborn that only will be on sale next month completly ingnoring Captain America #600 that in an unprecedent move is on sale TODAY to have extra sales from a news article that doesn’t mention it.


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