Webcomics The Smith Way

Launched as a website specializing in “personal passionate storytelling,” the online magazine Smith has managed to become a platform for a series of webcomics based on eccentric and personal narratives. In fact, Smith has become something of online comics laboratory, bringing together an impressive group of young and veteran creators to produce a series of imaginative webcomics that have also been transformed into print books.

The begining of the article  in Publisher Weekly about various and diverse webcomics published by SMITH Magazine.

“Although not [exclusively] a comics site, Smith offers a platform for comics,” said Smith comics editor Jeff Newelt. “Comics are given a place of honor and treated as equal with Smith’s other big projects.”

The rest is here. Just let me note that although aimed at a diferrent audience,  the sci-fi e-mag TOR also as nice comics section, published together with the prose short stories.



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