Hellblazer by Bisley

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hellblazer 256 by bisleyIssue 256 marks te debut of Simon Bisley as the regular cover artist of Hellblazer, and in September he will do interior artwork  for also.  Until them I’m still trying to figure out what’s my opinion about the cover. I was already thinking in pick up Hellblazer when Peter Milligan started writing it, maybe I’ll try the issues Bisley art.

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The Photos of Rober Jaso

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Robert Jaso

What do you do after becoming one of France’s highest-paid male models? You become a fashion photographer, of course. Or that’s what Robert Jaso did, anyways, and by looking at the fruits of his work, we think his change of career was a wise choice.

A nice article at Twitxr Is All About Fun.

Dark Horse Presents leaves Myspace

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This month was the celebration of the 2nd aniversary of the Eisner-winning webcomics anthology “MySpace Dark Horse Presents”, but  due to the problems that Myspace has faced, the antology wasn’t published there, instead  this month it’s available  at Dark Horse e-comics section.

CBR News has confirmed that following a very public round of layoffs that saw over 400 people lose their jobs last month – including every single person associated with comic book content — MySpace.com is presently unable to accommodate Dark Horse’s latest virtual issue of “Dark Horse Presents,” which includes new work from Gilbert Hernandez as well as Joss Whedon & Jo Chen, who debut this week a brand new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” story created exclusively for the online anthology.

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Waiting for Wednesday

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Wednesday Comics #01 cover
Wednesday Comics #01 cover

I’m excited with WEDNESDAY COMICS, first is the kind of superhero project I like and the fanboys hate, a reader friendly project that doesn’t requires a degree in advanced DC Chronology to enjoy,  it’s just good stories by good authors, and then there’s the format, it’s huge. Being used to the metric system I didn’t realize how big 14″ x 20″ was until I saw the picture of Bob Wayne with a mock up. It’s just 4 times the size of a regular comic.

We still have to wait more than one week for the comic to hit the comic shops, but there’s plenty of samples spread out, so I decide to colect them all in one place.

Batman from wednesday comics 01 by azzarelo, Risso e MulvilleThis is the final version of Batman, the color of the preview image that was released when the project was annouced were done at DC’s offices, so it could be sent out quickly for press releases, etc. The final colors by Patricia Mulvihill where done later. Continue reading ‘Waiting for Wednesday’

Ways for a Comic Artist to Survive and Thrive

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23 Ways for a Comic Artist to Survive and Thrive in any Economy is an article by Jason Thibault of Optimum Wound that gives some sugestions on how an artist can survive and thrive.

Lonbox Video Presentation

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The Longbox panel/demo at Heroes con, now on video. Lonbox should go live this week, but there isn’t a url available yet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chaykin collected

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Howard Chaykin Power and GloryAfter the long delay of the first volume of American Flagg! Dynamite annouced more collections of the created-owned work of Howard Chaykin.

Dynamite and Barrucci have learned with the delays of American Flagg!:

We won’t solicit the material before it’s ready. For those who choose to believe us, we’ve learned from that mistake. As we construct/reconstruct the material, and rebuild the audience, the new series/chapters will come out. In a perfect world, we will have Power and Glory come out this year, and either Black Kiss or a new chapter of American Flagg! hit the first half of next year, and then the other the second half. Then either the end of next year or year after, Midnight Men and the final two Chaykin chapters of Flagg! There may be more to be discussed, but I want to take this in bite sized chunks. Not just for our sake, but for Howard, the retailers and for fans sake. We want to be fair to all

The Power & Glory trade which collects the four issues of the original miniseries is due in stores in September and will run over 120 pages with a $19.99 cover price. In September DC is also releasing a new printing of Chaykin’s Blackhawk. It’s a good month for Chaykin’s fans. Now the only thing that bugs me is the fact that the Power & Glory trade doesn’t include the Special!?

Newsarama has a quick interview with Chaykin about the upcoming Dynamite releases.


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